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Ca’ Fenile’s philosophy is based on respect for nature and the products of the Bergamo area , fundamental values to be transmitted to children. It is on these values that the playful creative art workshops organised by Beatrice, a decorator graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, are based, held in contact with nature and the environment surrounding the agriturismo. Children will learn to recognise the garden products and aromatic plants of Ca’ Fenile, their properties and uses.In the forest they will have fun recognising native plants and their qualities.Cà Fenile’s recreational art workshops aim to develop children’s creativity and manual skills through the observation of nature and its colours. The materials used during the handicrafts are natural and come from the area surrounding the farm, such as wood, earth, clay and berries. During the workshops, art will be used as a bridge between our sensitivities and what nature in which we are immersed can transmit to us, thus creating a family environment where the children can gain self-esteem, socialising while respecting others and the environment around them.
The main objectives that we want to achieve through the laboratories are:
Observation : allowing children to enter into relationships, to gaze, stop and observe the environment.Creativity to develop and express their own potential.Skills : analysing the characteristics of the chosen elements, letting their creativity run free.Self-esteem. Socialisation .The Ca’ Fenile workshops also offer service on set days as a Children’s Space while parents have dinner or lunch, giving children the chance to learn about nature through play and parents to enjoy lunch in peace. The children, supervised by our educator Beatrice, can have fun and learn new skills in a safe,healthy and natural environment.

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Bring your children to discover the farm and genuine food.
Cà Fenile Agritourism is an educational farm immersed in greenery that offers educational and recreational activities for children, as well as a restaurant with locally sourced products.
The playful and creative workshops conducted by our educator Beatrice are designed to engage children with nature , the vegetable garden, and the farm animals in a fun way. Using natural materials such as soil, wood, and berries, they will learn to recognize plants and flowers, stimulating creativity and manual dexterity.
While your children play outdoors, you parents can enjoy a peaceful lunch or dinner at our restaurant with a view of the mountains. The dishes are prepared with ingredients grown in our organic garden, allowing you to taste the genuine flavors of Lombardia.
For information and reservations, visit our website or contact us via WhatsApp at +39 389 5180910. We organize birthday parties and events for groups of children.
Bring your children to the educational farm Cà Fenile for a day of fun and discovery!

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